The Alienating parent will exhibit specific behaviors, signs and symptoms than those of the children and the
target parent. The following examples of Alienators behavior are called Red Flags. The more of these a parent
exhibits or enacts, the higher the probability of PAS occurring. Below is a list of over 150 most often used tactics
to alienate children from a parent. A score of 10 or more is an indicator of PAS.

  1. Impeding with visitation, despite orders
  2. Denigrating the other parent in front of anyone who will listen, including the children, as well as calling the
    TP or step-parent derogatory names in front of the child.
  3. Filing allegations of abuse while constantly dragging the ex into court for child support or alimony. (Note: A
    truly abused individual wants to have nothing to do with the abuser, making face-to-face confrontation out of the question..
  4. Stopping any contact with the children and the ex’s extended family or friends who disagree with them
  5. Believing that they are above the law, and that all orders/laws were made for everyone else but them.
  6. Impeding Communication with the children, including blocking access to school records and meetings and
  7. events.
  8. Grilling the children about their visit, asking the children to spy or collect evidence.
  9. Refusing visitation because the ex spouse has been unable to afford the child support or not made a payment.
  10. Statements of constant hatred and vengeance about the ex-spouse
  11. 10.Refusal to disclose their home address
  12. Refusal to supply or keep the other parent in the loop on medical issues, educational issues, events pertaining
  13. to the child/ren and so on.
  14. Continually referring to the child as their own children and not the spouses