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There you will find various laws, forms, Local and Supreme court laws that you may find helpful in educating yourself as to how the courts operate or in “Pro se” type situations. Please Understand Title IV-D Social Security 88 Federal Law to understand how the State of gets its funding and why they do what they do to our kids and families through Job & Family Services(Children Services) and Family/Juvenile Courts using Custody matters, Parental Alienation techniques induced by the courts and the adversarial system they pit against you, your ex and children.. Nonprofit Organization · Community Organization #parents, #families, #right


UPC is working hard to become the National Leader in Education and Advocacy regarding the following:

•Securing Custody, Visitation, and Parenting Time
•Enforcement of Custody, Visitation, and Parenting Time
•Coparenting Conflict Resolution and Nuclear Family Cohesion
•Deescalation of Litigation
•Deweaponization of Due Process under Vexatious Litigation, Abuse of Process, and Malicious Prosecution
•Equity in Family Law
•Accountability in Executive Agency and Court Administration
•Reunification Methodology
•Psychopathology Awareness
•Parental Alienation Awareness
•Punitive Actions and Remedial Actions


Here at UPC, we do not solicit or bequest legal advice or case management. We cannot represent you or build your cause of action (a case) as Non-Lawyers. We create content for awareness and forums for public discussion for educational purposes and to rally behind you as a support system. We have dedicated personnel for activism in these areas of concern, all of them are prior victims who overcame some or all of these issues and became a victor through study and experience. If you’re a legal incompetent and need representation, find a lawyer in your area. If you cannot afford one, check with your local BAR chapter for pro bono attorneys that need to meet their quota for volunteer hours, as attorneys must maintain a certain number of volunteer hours to maintain their BAR status. Or contact Legal Aid Society. UPC Legal Department Director Benjamin Theel UCC 1-308 All Rights Reserved.