Table of Contents of Rules in the Child Support Program Manual 

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Rule Number Rule Tagline 

5101:12-1 Ohio Support Enforcement Program 

5101:12-1-01 The Support Enforcement Program 

5101:12-1-10 Support Enforcement Program Services 

5101:12-1-10.1 IV-D Services 

5101:12-1-15 Support Enforcement Tracking System 

5101:12-1-20 Confidentiality of Information 

5101:12-1-20.1 Requests for Information Contained in a Person’s Case Record 

5101:12-1-20.2 Safeguarding of Information from the Internal Revenue Service and Safeguarding Visit  Procedures 

5101:12-1-20.3 Safeguarding of Information from the Unemployment Compensation Program and Ohio  Department of Taxation 

5101:12-1-25 Record Retention, Disposal, and Destruction of Fiscal, Statistical, and Administrative  Records 

5101:12-1-50 Program Funding 

5101:12-1-51 Mandatory CSEA Fiscal Reports 

5101:12-1-53 Program Income 

5101:12-1-54 Incentive Payment 

5101:12-1-54.1 Incentive Payment: Performance-Based Measure 

5101:12-1-54.2 Incentive Payment: County Self-Assessment 

5101:12-1-56 Assigned Medical Support Collections Incentives 

5101:12-1-60 Expenditures Eligible for Federal Financial Participation Reimbursement

5101:12-1-60.1 Expenditures Ineligible for Federal Financial Participation Reimbursement 5101:12-1-80 IV-D Contracts: Overview 

5101:12-1-80.1 Completing the IV-D Contract 

5101:12-1-80.2 IV-D Contract Submission Requirements and Acceptance Process 5101:12-1-80.3 IV-D Contract Time and Exception Reporting, Invoicing, Monitoring, and Evaluation 5101:12-1-80.4 IV-D Contract Record Retention 

5101:12-1-85 Statewide Genetic Testing Contract 

5101:12-1-90 Account Information Access Agreements 

5101:12-1-99 Chapter 1 forms – Ohio support enforcement program 

5101:12-10 Child Support Program Administration 

5101:12-10-01 Request for Services 

5101:12-10-01.1 IV-D Application and IV-D Referral 

5101:12-10-02 Case Intake 

5101:12-10-03 Administrative Responsibility 

5101:12-10-04 Administrative Responsibility for an Intergovernmental Case 5101:12-10-05 Case Records 

5101:12-10-20 Family Violence Indicator 

5101:12-10-20.1 Request for Override of Family Violence Indicator 

5101:12-10-30 Assignment of Support 

5101:12-10-31 Requirement to Cooperate with the Child Support Enforcement Agency 5101:12-10-32 Good Cause Waiver of Cooperation 

5101:12-10-70 Termination of Services 

5101:12-10-72 Continuation of Services 

5101:12-10-90 New Hire Reporting Program 

5101:12-10-90.1 Employer Responsibilities 

5101:12-10-90.2 New Hire Directory of Employees 

5101:12-10-90.3 New Hire Directory of Independent Contractors 

5101:12-10-99 Chapter 5101:12-10 Forms- Child Support Program Administration 5101:12-20 Location

5101:12-20-05 Location of an Individual for Support Enforcement Program Purposes 5101:12-20-05.1 Location Tools 

5101:12-20-05.2 State Parent Locator Service 

5101:12-20-05.3 Federal Parent Locator Service 

5101:12-20-10 Location for Parental Kidnapping, Child Custody, and Visitation Purposes 5101:12-30 Administrative Procedure 

5101:12-30-05 Administrative Subpoenas 

5101:12-30-10 Service of Process 

5101:12-30-25 Role of the CSEA Administrative Officer 

5101:12-40 Paternity Establishment 

5101:12-40-01 Distribution of Paternity Acknowledgement 

5101:12-40-05 Determination of the Existence or Non-Existence of a Father and Child Relationship 5101:12-40-10 Presumption of Paternity 

5101:12-40-15 Acknowledgment of Paternity 

5101:12-40-17 Rescinding an Acknowledgment of Paternity 

5101:12-40-20 Administrative Determination of the Existence or Non-Existence of a Father and Child  Relationship 

5101:12-40-20.1 Scheduling and Conducting Genetic Tests 

5101:12-40-20.2 Agreement to Modify the Child’s Surname 

5101:12-40-20.3 Administrative Paternity Orders 

5101:12-40-25 Court Order for Genetic Testing 

5101:12-40-30 Central Paternity Registry 

5101:12-40-36 Reimbursement for Cost of Genetic Testing 

5101:12-40-99 Chapter 5101:12-40 Forms – Paternity Establishment 

5101:12-45 Support Establishment 

5101:12-45-05 Support Order Establishment 

5101:12-45-05.1 Scheduling the Administrative Support Hearing 

5101:12-45-05.2 Conducting the Administrative Support Hearing 

5101:12-45-05.3 Administrative Support Order

5101:12-45-10 Calculation of the Support Obligations 

5101:12-45-15 Grandparents’ Request for Support for Grandchild 

5101:12-45-25 Monthly Administration of Support Orders 

5101:12-45-99 Chapter 5101:12-45 Forms – Support Establishment 

5101:12-47 Establishment of Medical Support Provisions 

5101:12-47-01 Medical Support Provisions 

5101:12-47-01.1 Medical Support Provisions for Health Insurance and Uncovered Expenses 5101:12-47-01.2 Medical Support Provision for Cash Medical Support 

5101:12-47-99 Chapter 5101:12-47 Form – Medical Support Provisions for Cash Medical 5101:12-50 Enforcement of the Support Order 

5101:12-50-10 Income Withholding or Income Deduction 

5101:12-50-10.1 Income Which May Be Withheld or Deducted 

5101:12-50-10.2 CSEA’s Responsibility for Income Withholding and Income Deduction 5101:12-50-10.8 Withholding from Unemployment Compensation Benefits Initiated by a CSEA 5101:12-50-12 Lump Sum Payments 

5101:12-50-15 Cash Bonds 

5101:12-50-17 Seek Work Orders 

5101:12-50-19 Investigation of Obligor’s Source of Income or Status of Account 5101:12-50-20 State Income Tax Refund Offset Program 

5101:12-50-20.1 Pre-Offset Notice and Tax Refund Offset Review 

5101:12-50-20.2 Overdue Child Support 

5101:12-50-20.3 Overpaid Child Support 

5101:12-50-30 Federal Offset Program 

5101:12-50-32 Federal Income Tax Refund Offset Program 

5101:12-50-32.1 Submission Criteria 

5101:12-50-32.2 The Federal Match Process and Pre-Offset Notice 

5101:12-50-32.3 Adding, Updating, and Deleting Obligors from the Ohio Tax Offset File 5101:12-50-32.4 Rejected Submissions 

5101:12-50-32.5 Administrative Offset Review of Federal Tax Refund Offset Program Submittals

5101:12-50-32.6 The Federal Income Tax Refund Offset Process 

5101:12-50-32.7 Service Fee 

5101:12-50-32.8 Federal Income Tax Refund Offset Reports 

5101:12-50-32.9 Federal Adjustments, State Payments, and Recovery of Disbursed Federal Tax Offset  Collections 

5101:12-50-32.10 Joint Refunds 

5101:12-50-34 Passport Denial and Reinstatement 

5101:12-50-45 Enforcing a Court Support Order Through the United States District Courts 5101:12-50-50 Judicial Enforcement Actions 

5101:12-50-55 Extradition of Obligors 

5101:12-50-65 Office of Child Support Poster Program 

5101:12-50-65.1 Child Support Enforcement Agency Poster Program 

5101:12-50-90 On-going Enforcement; Court-Ordered Limitation of Enforcement 5101:12-50-99 Chapter 5101:12-50 Forms – Enforcement of the Support Order 5101:12-55 Enforcement of the Support Order Based on Finding of Default 

5101:12-55-03 Default 

5101:12-55-03.1 Identification of Default and Notice to Obligor of Default and Potential Action 5101:12-55-03.2 Default Investigation 

5101:12-55-03.3 Administrative Mistake of Fact Hearing Process 

5101:12-55-03.4 Final and Enforceable Determination of Default 

5101:12-55-10 Financial Institution Data Match Program 

5101:12-55-10.1 Investigation of an Account, Imposing an Access Restriction, and Releasing an Access  Restriction 

5101:12-55-10.2 Administrative and Court Hearings for Ownership Interest in an Account 5101:12-55-10.3 Issuing a Withdrawal Directive 

5101:12-55-20 Liens Against Real and Personal Property 

5101:12-55-20.1 Lien Levy and Execution 

5101:12-55-25 License Suspension 

5101:12-55-25.1 License Reinstatement

5101:12-55-25.2 Driver’s License Abstract 

5101:12-55-26 Suspension and Reinstatement of License to Practice Law 

5101:12-55-30 State Lottery Prize Award Intercept 

5101:12-55-30.1 State Lottery Data Match and Withholding 

5101:12-55-40 Insurance Claim Intercept 

5101:12-55-99 Chapter 5101:12-55 Forms – Enforcement of the Support Order Based On Finding of  Default 

5101:12-57 Enforcement of Medical Support Provisions 

5101:12-57-01 Enforcement of Medical Support Provisions 

5101:12-57-01.1 Enforcement of Order to Report Private Health Insurance 

5101:12-57-01.2 Enforcement of Cash Medical Support Obligation 

5101:12-57-08 Medical Support Mistake of Fact Hearing Process 

5101:12-57-10 National Medical Support Notice 

5101:12-57-10.1 Responsibility of Employer 

5101:12-57-10.2 Responsibility of Health Plan Administrator 

5101:12-57-10.3 Selecting a Health Plan Option 

5101:12-57-10.4 Administrative Mistake of Fact Hearing Regarding the National Medical Support Notice 5101:12-57-10.5 Court Mistake of Fact Hearing Regarding the National Medical Support Notice 5101:12-57-10.6 Terminating the National Medical Support Notice 

5101:12-57-99 Chapter 5101:12-57 Forms – Enforcement of Medical Support Provisions 5101:12-60 Order Administration 

5101:12-60-05 Administrative Review and Adjustment Process 

5101:12-60-05.1 Initiation of an Administrative Review 

5101:12-60-05.2 Initiation of Temporary Adjustment for Certain Military Members 5101:12-60-05.3 The Administrative Review 

5101:12-60-05.4 Calculation and Recommendation of a Revised Order for Child and Medical Support 5101:12-60-05.5 Notice of Hearing Rights 

5101:12-60-05.6 CSEA Administrative Adjustment Hearing Process 

5101:12-60-45 Continuation of Support Obligation Beyond the Child’s Eighteenth Birthday

5101:12-60-50 Termination of Support 

5101:12-60-50.1 Administrative Termination Investigation, Findings and Recommendations, and  Impounding Support 

5101:12-60-50.2 Administrative Termination Hearing, Court Hearing, Administrative Termination Order,  and Disbursement of Impounded Funds 

5101:12-60-70 Reduction of Permanently Assigned Arrears 

5101:12-60-70.1 Procedures for a Reduction of Permanently Assigned Arrears 5101:12-60-70.2 Process for a Reduction of Permanently Assigned Arrears 

5101:12-60-70.3 Agreed Entry for a Reduction of Permanently Assigned Arrears 5101:12-60-70.4 Reporting Requirements for a Reduction of Permanently Assigned Arrears 5101:12-60-99 Chapter 5101:12-60 Forms – Order Administration 

5101:12-70 Interstate Actions 

5101:12-70-05 Scope and Definitions for Intergovernmental Cases 

5101:12-70-05.1 CSEA General Responsibilities 

5101:12-70-05.2 Responsibilities of Ohio Interstate Central Registry 

5101:12-70-05.3 Requirements for Initiating CSEA in Intergovernmental Cases 5101:12-70-05.4 Requirements for Responding CSEA in Intergovernmental Cases 5101:12-70-05.5 Establishment of Paternity in an Intergovernmental Case 

5101:12-70-05.6 Establishment of a Child Support Order in an Intergovernmental Case 5101:12-70-05.7 Determination of the Controlling Order 

5101:12-70-05.8 Enforcement of a Support Order in an Intergovernmental Case 5101:12-70-05.9 Modification of a Controlling Order in an Intergovernmental Case 5101:12-70-05.10 The Child Support Enforcement Network 

5101:12-70-05.11 Forms for Interstate Case Processing 

5101:12-70-99 Chapter 5101:12-70 Forms – Intergovernmental Actions 

5101:12-80 Collections and Disbursements 

5101:12-80-05 Collection and Disbursement 

5101:12-80-05.1 Collection at the Child Support Enforcement Agency 

5101:12-80-05.2 Date of Collection

5101:12-80-05.3 Payment Processing and Disbursement 

5101:12-80-05.4 Exception Item Processing and Resolution 

5101:12-80-05.5 Check Replacement 

5101:12-80-05.6 Recoupment 

5101:12-80-07 Mandatory Electronic Disbursement 

5101:12-80-09 Unreimbursed Assistance 

5101:12-80-10 Allocation Hierarchy for Support Collections 

5101:12-80-10.1 Allocation Hierarchy for Federal Income Tax Refund Offset Collections 5101:12-80-10.2 Prorating Support Collections 

5101:12-80-14 Limited Assignment, PRWORA Assignment, and Distribution of Assigned Support  Collections 

5101:12-80-14.1 Distribution of Assigned Support in a Title IV-D Public Assistance Case 5101:12-80-14.2 Assignment and Distribution in a Title IV-D/Title IV-E Foster Care Maintenance Case 5101:12-80-25 Unclaimed Funds