Our government is stealing kids. This is what is looks like. Cps corruption. They took my kids. Connie Reguli is fighting to change the rules and abolish cps because of pure corruption by. #defundasfa #familyfirst #cps #corruption. because of Title IV-D, & E Grant to States. CPS has become weaponized in all manner of conduct. Very few upfront services provided to REAL families, programs used as weapons against parents, but incentive bonuses go to Kinship placements of family, foster care and adoptions(about 2 year transition) Tennessee WHY?

2.0 Typical Day

Family Service Worker II (Former Employee) – Clarksville, TN – November 16, 2019 A typical day would be a home visit, case management notes, and paperwork, going to the court for families. Driving 3-4 hrs away for children for a 10 min court case to be rescheduled. Management is very negative and is constantly telling staff what they are not doing to meet stats for the state. Management has favorites and spies to find out what is going on with staff. Very stressful lots of people have had divorces and failed relationships because this place is so bad. Constant turn over with cases because people leave so much and it causes the caseworker to take responsibility for all the things that should have happened in the case. Run. Run. Run.

3.0 It’s an okay place to work especially if you’re just looking for some experience starting off. I wouldn’t dream of making a career out of it.

Case Manager 1 (Current Employee) – Clarksville, TN – August 11, 2019 There is no typical day at work and tasks arise that must be taken care of by priority making time management more difficult than other jobs. You rarely ever get to complete tasks on a scheduled time line. You will learn how to manage cases to some degree. Management is management, either you show them results or your gone. The work place is basically everyone tryin to get their case load down every day. The hardest part is meeting expectations without any real structured guidance and limited assistance as a new hire.