The Judiciary Committee is holding a virtual public hearing via Zoom for the nominations of the following judges on Aug. 12, Wed at 10 a.m.

Christine E. Keller (Supreme Court) Joan Alexander (Appellate Court) Melanie Cradle (Appellate Court) Jose A. Suarez (Appellate Court) Here is link to the posting:

If anyone is interested in submitting testimony and registering for virtual testimony re: Judge Suarez’s interim appointment to the Appellate Court you can send your testimony to :

Remember written testimony is limited to five (5) pages.

You should contact the Judiciary Committee to advise if you would like to participate virtually by Zoom. You must register by a certain time OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT BE HEARD.

Please share this information with others who may have an interest

Judge Keller is Rep. Matt Ritter’s mother. Both she and Judge Suarez have a long history of ignoring parental rights.

Judge Suarez testified that he found his time working at the Attorney General’s office separating kids from their parents “exhilarating.”

Judge Suarez delights in separating kids with autism from their parents and ignores abuse and neglect of children.
He ignores and promotes parental