Statements of facts and truth as I,  _____________________ understand them to be.

First let me clear a matter up your Honor, If I have erred or given offense to the courts or any man or woman or child, Please forgive me. I am a woman and a mother who created my children as I was created myself. I only want and only need to be with my children as a mother and child should be by design. Please forgive me and help me remove any issues that are currently preventing me from being a mother and preventing my children from thier right to have a loving relationship with their parent. The natural order of things is that a mother is to raise a child, and the children have relationships and are cared for by their mother. I love my children and they love me. I am not perfect and I have made mistakes in life as we all do and have done. That is the nature of life. I do my best to learn and understand from those mistakes. I pray that your honor and all parties involved will forgive me. As I hold nothing against anyone either. Please help me identify and remove any barriers preventing my children and myself from being together as a family. I do not consent to adoption. I do not agree to adoption. I have been and will continue to be active in my childrens lives. I will continue to speak, have contact with my children for all their lives.

This is not to say that I will go against any limits set by the court, only to say that I will always do all that I can and am allowed to be in my childrens lives, so adoption would not serve the best interest of the child. It would cause harm and disorder to the natural order of life and the childrens lives. And being that they have a mother who is actively participating and attempting to be in their life, there is no need for adoption, it seems adoption would only serve the interest of 3rd parties. But adoption is not needed or wanted or consented to by me now, nor in the past, nor in the future as I know it now at this current time. I thank all those who are helping and acting as caregivers to my children, I am grateful for each of you. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. That is what family does. Adoption is not needed for the family or the village to help raise children.

I present this testimony in life by my authority as stated in the ___________________________ City Charters of the _____________________ State and the Constitution of the state of __________________________ and the Constitutions for these united States, as the State corporation bi-laws, legislation, statutes, codes, ordinances, Federal rules, State rules and county rules of procedure, as well as case law require due process to first be performed.

I do this day revoke all powers of attorney and acts under an acting  power of attorney. I do here now as if from the beginning do rescind all previous and prior signatures by my hand and by anyone else’s hand that did so without my understanding or consent or permissions.

Being that I am in a free state of independence, with a sound mind, of the age of Majority. 

With first hand personal knowledge of the facts herein reduced to writing, as accurate and true for these events. I state freely without influence from any source without malice or ill intent, but with full force and effect, full faith and credit in good standing with capacity for the full effect of the laws of the creator and the living word spoken from my living heart, with my living will as my testimony in life.

  1. I invoke the law of public record, not the private but the public record.
  2. I invoke Trust law and equity in trust and from the start all should have been conducting their parts under the Law of Trusts, and I remind all that there is no law higher than the law of trust, and so there is NO confusion, I am the beneficiary of the public trust.
  3. I am NOT the Trustee in any presumed constructive trust created without my knowledge or authorization.
  4. I was once lost, but now I have been found to be fully alive.
  5. I am of the age of majority. 
  6. I was not told that upon coming of the age of majority, I was to claim my minor and major accounts and take charge of my estates and trust, claim back my properties, inheritances and family titles. I am aware now.
  7. I am competent to handle the minor and major accounts and all matters.
  8. I am of sound and competent mind, and have no need to be re-presented or (pro se) pro-sented to this court.
  9. I am no lawyer nor an expert in or at law.
  10. I am not a thing nor am I property to be held or kept.
  11. I am the beneficiary for the matter at hand and for the current matter (estate/trust) before the court, therefore the prosecutor can not presume to be either the beneficiary or the executor.
  12. I am not a pauper or incompetent, nor in need of any guardian as any type of ward to this court or any agency or body.
  13. I am no ward of the court or ward of the state. I am in no need of any guardian of the court. Any guardians unknown to me are hereby terminated.
  14. I am the sole lawful heir, and Beneficiary to the public trust in my name.
  15. Can anyone else show or prove they are the owner and holder of the executor/beneficiary certificate of office? Produce into the record, if one can?. Unless Judge, you’re seeking to act as Executor De Son Tort?
  16. I do not consent to be bound by any unrevealed contracts, trusts, bonds, pledges, or oaths.
  17. I am  here in propria persona, sui juris with clean hands.
  18. I accept oaths to the Constitution of the state of _________________ and the Constitution for these united States and expect those public trustees to act in Good faith and perform their duties as public trustee’s and remember that I am the beneficiary in that public trust.

So it is, So it was, So it must be according to my living will and my living word. Executed this day _________ and moth_______and the year 2021.

by:__________________________DATE July ___ 2021.


_________ State           )

_________ County   )

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Subscribed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me on this _____ day of _______, 2021, by ___________________________, personally known to me or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) who appeared before me, having first been duly sworn upon her oath, autographed the above and foregoing document in my presence.

NOTARY PUBLIC SIGNATURE____________________________ 

My commission expires on____________