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ART I, SECT I: Denied right of liberty
ART I, SECT I: Denied right of acquiring property, (property given directly to a foreign agent without due process of law)
ART I, SECT I: Denied right of ... See more

B.4 - Model Criminal Complaint INSTRUCTIONS FOR "CRIMINAL COMPLAINT" Search for brackets [ ] for modification and changes. THESE ARE to be modified accordingly to individual cases. See Constitutional ... See more

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Here is little thing to follow down "National" and civil rights protecting "National origin" under protected

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Police opened gates to the capitol building and waved protesters in

Open the gates by police at Capital?

The "storming of the Capitol" is a blatant media psyop to keep us distracted and fuel the anti-White agenda. Related: DC Cops Let MAGA Men Storm the Capitol for “Domestic Extremism” Photo Ops ... See more

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⁣URGENT - Ann Vandersteel - Get this out everywhere.-

Emergency broadcast to President Donald J. Trump

⁣URGENT: Ann Vandersteel: Get this out everywhere. All alternative platform are being taken off line. The POTUS must hear this. GET THIS OUT! Election Fraud Can BE Proved in Real Time. POTUS must ... See more

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Patriots Activated Nationwide as Kansas Statehouse Breached and Georgia Statehouse Surrounded - Montana Daily Gazette

From KSNT News TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Protesters have moved into the Kansas Statehouse, KSNT News’ Capitol Bureau confirmed Wednesday afternoon. Similar to a situation in Washington D.C., where ... See more

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NorthWest Liberty News

Montana Gazette Radio – Montana Senator, Theresa Manzella

Please join me as I welcome back Montana Senator, Theresa Manzella to discuss the Montana Legislature and what is in store moving ... See more

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Facebook will block Trump from posting at least for the remainder of his term

Is this good, why?
Is this bad, why?

Your thoughts?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday said the company would block President Donald Trump from posting to his account for an indefinite amount of time and at least until President-elect Joe Biden ... See more

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