Table of Contents of Rules in the Child Support Program Manual

5101:12-1 Ohio Support Enforcement Program
5101:12-1-01 The Support Enforcement Program
5101:12-1-10 Support Enforcement Program Services
5101:12-1-10.1 IV-D Services
5101:12-1-15 Support Enforcement Tracking System
5101:12-1-20 Confidentiality of Information
5101:12-1-20.1 Requests for Information Contained in a Person’s Case Record
5101:12-1-20.2 Safeguarding of Information from the Internal Revenue Service and Safeguarding Visit


5101:12-1-20.3 Safeguarding of Information from the Unemployment Compensation Program and Ohio

Department of Taxation

5101:12-1-25 Record Retention, Disposal, and Destruction of Fiscal, Statistical, and Administrative

5101:12-1-50 Program Funding
5101:12-1-51 Mandatory CSEA Fiscal Reports
5101:12-1-53 Program Income
5101:12-1-54 Incentive Payment
5101:12-1-54.1 Incentive Payment: Performance-Based Measure
5101:12-1-54.2 Incentive Payment: County Self-Assessment
5101:12-1-56 Assigned Medical Support Collections Incentives
5101:12-1-60 Expenditures Eligible for Federal Financial Participation Reimbursement