j Smith, Director


Dear Mr. Smith, 

On [September 01 1909] your employee, [forked tongue worker], came to my house and requested entry. In an effort to identify her and the lawful reason for her request, I handed her a questionnaire, which she has (or has not) returned. 

As the flesh and blood living mother of Sally Doe (and other children if applicable), I hereby prohibit any employee of __________ COUNTY CHILDREN SERVICES from interviewing or collecting information on my progeny (property), Sally Doe (and other children if applicable), without my consent. 

For the record, I am notifying you that I do not consent to your investigation and I do not wish to contract with your agency-corporation. 

My notice is attached. 



As the living flesh and blood FATHER/MOTHER of ______________________________, I declare the following: 

As the __________ of my progeny (property ) __________________________ , I am responsible for THEIR nurturing and education. ___________________________ are not the property of the corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet as the STATE OF _______. Upon _____________________________ birth, neither my spouse nor myself donated or pledged THEM to the STATE OF _______ or any other corporate entity. Any presumption that we did is false. 

As a for-profit corporation the STATE OF _______ cannot make laws regarding the care and upbringing of flesh and blood boys and/or girls without their flesh and blood mother’s or father’s consent. They can only make laws, rules, and regulations for non-human legal “PERSONS“. This description does not apply to ME nor to our son or daughter’s. 

I do not recognize the entity known as ______ COUNTY CHILDREN SERVICES as a ‘government’ child protection institution. It is a for profit corporation doing business and listed on Dun and Bradstreet. 

As a private corporation, ______ COUNTY CHILDREN SERVICES is bound by the law of contracts and has no authority to initiate any action regarding ________________________________, without a contract signed by me. I do not wish to contract with – ________________________________ 

This is my notice of non-consent and my refusal to contract. 

Your name  by, ___________________________


Notice to agent is notice to principal,  Notice to principal is notice to agent

CPS, Domestic and Juvenile Courts are nothing other than CONTRACT LAW COURTS that are governed by U.C.C. Law